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Meet Elby - Our Favorite E-Bike

We've been a big fan and top dealer of Bionx e-bike retrofit kits for years. When we learned Bionx created a sister company to make a complete e-bike, we couldn't wait to see the product. Come ride our Elby demo and be blown away. If you ever thought "it would be cool to have a landspeeder from the movie Star Wars", Elby is pretty damn close. 500 watt silent hub motor, CANBUS digital control, hydraulic disc brakes, regenerative braking, German LED lighting - this thing absolutely rips - it's a stone cold car killer.

WE ARE THE ELECTRIC BIKE Experts in San Francisco. We have the world's leading electric bike conversion system, BIONX, in the store for you to try. Learn more about the best electric bike conversion systems in our new YouTube video about Bionx, below.

Come in and try the best electric bikes available from Bionx - we have demo bikes you can ride right now.

What makes the Bionx System the BEST System?

Quality- From the moment you lay your eyes on the system, it's obvious a great deal of thought and effort went into it's design and manufacture. Industrial grade electrical connectors, metal brackets, quality fasteners, close tolerances on seams and welds, gorgeous graphical user interface on the control panel - this is not some cheap, throw away system found on electric bikes at big box, mail order, internet, or chain stores.

It's Not An Electric Bike, it's a Electric Assist Conversion For ANY BIKE. This is important. Most electric bikes come as a complete unit, consisting of a bike (often of poor quality and assembly, and sometimes strange looking) and the electric assist system is an integral part of the bike. Bionx put their effort into designing and manufacturing only the electric assist system - leaving the consumer to pick out ANY bike to use the system with. Even a bike you already own. Want to istall it on a cool new cruiser? No problem. A lightweight hybrid or road bike? That works too. Touring or mountain bike? - that's fine as well. YOU get to choose the bike that mates up to the system. You're not forced into buying a bike that doesn't work well or look nice.

It Works. Bionx systems work really, really well. Choose from varying levels of pedal assist, or simply hit the throttle and let the motor do all the work. Conversely, use the motor as a brake on descents to re charge the battery (hitting the brakes does this too!) - that's right, Bionx systems use regenerative braking. A lithium maganese battery keeps system weight down, and recharges quick and easy with the supplied charger that plugs into any standard wall outlet

It's Cheap To Operate. Charinging Bionx's battery costs from .03 to .07 cents and will get you 20 to 70 miles of range, depending on your system and situation.

Augment, Or Replace Your Car. Users in dense metro areas or quiet suburban communities can replace their cars with a Bionx equipped bicycle. No more auto expenses: gas, maintenenance, insurance, parking (and don't forget parking tickets!) Speaking of parking - you can park and lock your Bionx bicycle right in front of the store. Even if you don't replace your car entirely, Bionx makes it easier to stay out of your car - short trips and errands by car can be replaced by trips on your Bionx bike.

Really Be Green. You think a Prius makes you green? A Bionx system is truly emission free and virtually silent. It uses no gas. It's a genuinely simple, cheap way to reduce your footprint on the planet.

Can I Haul Groceries & Kids? Yes - We have lots of options for hauling things - from lightweight racks for groceries, to full on cargo extensions, like the Xtracycle, easily allowing you to haul two kids, and 4 bags of groceries.

Parking Tickets & Muni Be Damned. With your Bionx system, you'll beat Muni everytime, and those $50+ parking tickets when the meter runs out - you can get rid of those too.

Why Buy Your Bionx System & Bike From SF Electric Bike Works and Big Swingin' Cycles?

We dial your bike in to the highest level, AND show you how to properly operate it

We have over a decades worth of experince to bring to the table installing and servicing electric assist bicycles

Factory trained technicians

A whole year's worth of free service with every bike purchased - buy with confidence that we’ll back you up after the sale

Complimentary fitting session with every bike purchase

Buy local - we are a local San Francisco Business, employing San Francsicans and giving back to our local community through various events we consistently support and / or sponsor


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