Now days, all shops have pretty good stuff to sell you. At the end of the day, a shop is only as good as it’s people, and we think we have some of the best out there. We consider ourselves a “riders” store. Our shop staff, in addition to technical acumen in the workshop, have a passion for riding, and skills across multiple disciplines: road, mountain, cross, tri, even e-bikes and dirt jumping. We can talk about our products in the first person, based on our personal experiences, here in Nor Cal, with these products. All of us participate in continuing education, clinics, and industry events, regularly, to stay out in front of the latest trends and technologies to help our customers ride farther, faster, and more comfortably, with bigger smiles.

Alex (Gibbers) Gibson

A native of Palo Alto, and graduate of SO-CAL’s Claremont College (where he ran the school’s on campus bike shop), Alex has been with Big Swingin’ Cycles longer than many shops have been open around the City. Gibber’s abilities on the bike and in the workshop are noteworthy, to put it mildly. Alex is a meticulous mechanic - intensely focussed on the small details and putting out a level of craftsmanship that is vanishing in the industry. Don’t be surprised if he offers you a beer if it’s after 6 and you’re lucky enough to be in the shop.

Sean (McFreshy) McBride

Sean is a Denver native, but has made the Bay Area home since '96.  He's our resident Roadie bad ass, although he’d never admit it or give off the impression that he can ride fast - real fast. His skills on the bike are overshadowed by his laid back, soft spoken demeanor (like most guys who are genuinely fast). He’s an accomplished Cat 2 road racer, and has ridden with some fast local teams like Cliff and BPG. He leads our Wednesday road rides and loves to talk about why Giant’s TCR road bike is such an amazing ride.

Charley (Steezy) Ellis

Charley comes to us from Durango, Colorado. Durango is to cycling what Nashville is to country music. Charley grew up in Durango and rode under the tutelage of legends like Ned Overend, Travis Brown, and John Tomac. His everyday rides growing up included the Colorado Trail, Hermosa Creek and Horse Thief. He’s the guy that will beat you to the top of the climb, and two turns down the descent, be out of site once again. And we will not even get into his aerial prowess. He worked for several, legendary shops in Durango, and is a Master Mechanic - from Fox suspension dampers, to Shimano Di2, to dialing in your Super Record drivetrain, Charlie can handle it. You’ll never run into Charlie in the store and not be greeted with a huge smile and warm hearted greeting.

Brian (Double B) Bruckner

Brian is the founder of Big Swingin’, back in 2000. Growing up in the central valley, he was always around wheels: dirt bikes, bmx, then road bikes. If he wasn’t on two wheels, he was skateboarding on four. Living on the central coast in the 80’s and attending Cal Poly SLO, he was an early triathlete, and mountain biker (“back in the day” as they say). At Cal Poly, he worked at a local surf / skate shop, helping them expand, opening several new, highly successful stores, and developing a love for small, “mom and pop” business. Graduating from Cal Poly with a business degree, he moved to San Francisco, where he worked for a Bay Area manufacturer of industrial control products serving the energy and marine industries, ultimately leaving as V.P. of Sales and Marketing, and starting Big Swingin’ Cycles. He also became more serious about riding, successfully competing in XC mountain biking, road racing and cyclo-cross.

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